High Sierra
       Bar & Grill
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Come watch your favorite sports events  upstairs in our TV room.

Dr. Fun plays every Saturday
Come see us at the High Sierra!
High Sierra Bar just before "Rush Hour".
Dr. Doug    recommends High Sierra
for your mental health.
Dance with Wade
Meet Terlingua people
Come to
High Sierra Bar & Grill

Far West Judges & Commissioners Pre-Conference Reception.
Neil Trammel and the "Doodlin' Hogwallops" w/ Pablo Menudo played on the balcony.
Watch a wonderful video "Terlingua, The Night and the Dawn" made here at the Hotel and in the Ghostown by our European guests, Fausto Anderlini, Fabrizio De André & Perchè Quarantena
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It's like this; a herd can only move as fast as the slowest animal.  The weakest and slowest of the herd are hunted and killed first.  The pace and health of the herd improves by the regular culling of the weakest.

In comparison, the human brain operates only as fast as the slowest cell. Alcohol is known to kill cells, but of course it affects the weakest and slowest first.  This is how the regular consumption of beer rids the brain of weaker brain cells, making it faster and more efficient. 
"Doctor Doug" explains:
Why You Feel Smarter After A Few Beers
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High Sierra Bar & Grill
at the El Dorado Hotel
Terlingua Ghostown
High Sierra Bar & Grill
at the El Dorado Hotel
Terlingua Ghostown
Dr. Doug's Birthday Party Babes J'Lee, Sierra & Teren. 
Let the High Sierra host your next private or non-private party
Ken Gaines sings "Borderline."
Brandi Goodspeed and Dr. Doug celebrate her twenty-first and twenty-third birthdays
Dr. Fun 
Every Saturday